See-hike landmark itinerary by car in the Isle of Skye.

With so many outdoor activities available in the Isle of Skye, planning the perfect itinerary when having only a few days to spend there seems a bit challenging. Luckily for you, I already got lost trying to find places, wasted a lot of time (that’s on me only), and proved some tourist information schedules wrong, so what you’ll about to read is a realistic road trip itinerary for the main landmarks in the north of the Isle.

#1 The Old Man Of Storr.

Since we had rented a car, we drove for about ten minutes, from downtown Portree (Capital city of the Isle) to the Storr on the A855 road to the north. We parked in the parking lot (careful: in summer time it gets crowded) and we started our hike.

The official average time it takes to walk up the Storr is about 1 hour 45 minutes, but that’s without stopping to take pictures nor to enjoy the view. And honestly, who wouldn’t take pictures while hiking the Storr! My husband and I spent 2 hours 15 minutes and took a couple of hundreds photographs along the way.

2# Inver Tote Waterfalls.

About four miles from the Storr parking lot, following North on the A855, you will see a very small sign on your left which says Lealt, and it is in front of a parking spot which you would think it is just another view point.

To get to the waterfalls you need to descend from the parking lot to a beach, which houses the ruins of some 19th-century diatomite works. The falls, together with the ruins, the panoramic view of the beach and the cliffs you get while descending, and the fact you can swim (carefully) in the ponds, makes this spot a must-stop.

Though we understood the name of the waterfalls were Inver Tote, some people called them Lealt waterfalls.

We rested there for only 35 minutes before heading to our next stop, since we had spent a valuable amount of time looking for the place.

3# Quick stop at the Kilt Rock & Mealt Falls.

We had a quick stop at the Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls to enjoy not only the fabulous view, but also a cup of lentils and turmeric soup and a piper who we chatted with for a couple of minutes. Quite a surprise we got when he told us he had been to Chile before. He actually said “Chile poh”!

#4 View point on our way

About three minutes from the Kilt Rock carpark, always heading north, on your left you will see a minor road with passing places. Since it is not a main road, driving gets a bit slow here. About ten to 15 minutes after entering this road, you’ll see a nice viewpoint. We spent there not more than 10 minutes.


#5 The Fairy Glen.

The Fairy Glen- very grassy, cone-shaped small hills with tiny lochans and some rocky towers- is like being in an enchanted world. A must stop if you are planning to say you spent some time in the Isle of Skye.

To get to the Fairy Glen, you need to pass Uig town first. Once you’ve passed this town, slow down a bit and look for a tiny sign which says Siadar. When you find it, turn left (meaning, to the interior of the island). You’ll get yourself again to a minor road with passing places. The road takes you right to the Fairy Glen.

We were told people usually spend between 10 to 20 minutes at this Glen. Because it was kind of late when we got there, and because there were no toilets available, we only spent there 20 minutes. But I honestly think 20 minutes were not enough, though they were better than nothing.

All in all, if you start early in the morning, you can complete this itinerary by 14:00 o’clock or so. Of course, you can leave everything ready the night before (we didn’t), so you can make the most of your time and then head to the west or south of the Isle. If you can’t make food, there are ready-to-eat meals at the supermarket. We stuffed ourselves there.

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