The diamond ring anecdote!

Cayman Islands are the fanciest destination I’ve ever been to. People rent apartments inside five-star hotels and spend their summer time sunbathing, eating expensive food, and sailing their yachts.

With a teacher’s salary and a non-millionaire boyfriend, you might very well ask yourselves how on earth we spent three weeks there.

Easy, we robbed a bank.

Ok, no.

I was invited by some former students of mine who were extremely grateful after I helped them prepare for an international English certification test which they passed and so, got a job on the Islands.

You know, the perks of being a teacher.

Once there, we did what most people do in Cayman Islands: we ate expensive food (using our friends’ discounts), we sunbathed (to be honest, I actually hate sunbathing), and took amazing tours.

@alsocooks and I had booked a submarine tour a couple of days before leaving the island. On the day of the tour we were the first to arrive. A few minutes later, while leading the queue, very fancy human beings started to show up.

Once inside the submarine, we sat down and waited until the tour started. The crew members were really friendly (but that’s a requirement if you want to be a tour guide. I mean, you cannot be boring or rude). They even joked about the quality of the submarine.


Then, some ultraviolet light was turned on to see the sea-life outside (the submarine of course) better.

For the next 30 minutes the guide described the sea life that inhabited those waters, while joking in between. Out of the blue, then, he asked us if we had noticed the purplish tone our clothes acquired when the ultraviolet light was on. We all, very stupidly, realised about that fact the moment he mentioned it.

Now, believe it or not, he urged ourselves to, literally, check out our DIAMONDS!

Not kidding.

He instructed us to check whether our diamonds were shining or not. Did you know fake diamonds do not shine when exposed to ultra-violet light? I didn’t.

Funnily enough EVERYBODY took the matter very seriously; they were all wearing diamonds (either as earrings, rings, or necklaces).

My boyfriend, Ale, and I, on the other hand, looked at each other while trying to hold our laughs in the process, since we, poor budget travellers, did not have diamond rings with us.

All of a sudden, Ale asked me, very loudly, why I didn’t bring my diamonds. With some faces staring at us, I got the giggling, but I managed to tell him this was not a place to bring such expensive things.

PS: Sorry the photos are not the best quality, but we left our Nikon next to our diamond rings.

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