Andes Mountain Stream crossing video fail.

This is probably the most stupid thing I’ve ever done, and here it goes.



Long time ago, when we were getting to know each other, Ale and I decided to go on a road trip to Bariloche, in Argentina.

Since my camera had broken 6 months ago in Easter Island, I bought this mini digital action camera, which was the cheap version of the gopro of the time.

We tested it before travelling and we assumed we knew how to use it.

YES. We ASSUMED wrongly.

We started this amazing road trip from Santiago to Bariloche, crossing the border between Chile and Argentina in Icalma. Needless to say, such spectacular road had to be recorded. And so we did.

Or so we thought because when we got home, we realised we had recorded the car parks only! We now believe we turned the camera on every time we parked the car at a view point instead of turning it off.

We still laugh about the stupidity of the situation until this day, though when we first realised what we had recorded (like twenty different car parks only) we erased them all.

Facepalm for me, I know. I should have kept them.

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