The pirates and mermaids anecdote.

This is probably the cutest anecdote I have to tell. Back on February 2018, a 6-year-old Gaby and I were on a boat tour around Isla Damas and Punta de Choros; a nature sanctuary composed by a couple of islands where penguins, sea lions and other sea creatures live.

I had booked this tour when we first arrived to La Serena.

The bus picked us up at about 6:30 am.

I had slept less than one hour, after the worst night ever spent at a hostel (never go to Ají Verde in La Serena) and so did Gaby, but for some reason (you know, kids have atomic energy), it didn’t actually affect her.

Having had no breakfast (courtesy of the hostel staff) and being more than 24 hours awake, we got onto the bus which drove along a fucking winding road for two hours, from La Serena to Punta de Choros inlet.

By the time we got to the inlet I was feeling airsick and dizzy. Fortunately, I was not the only one.

Just like myself, about 80% of the adults went out of the bus in a hurry and headed directly to the toilets, to vomit.

And Gaby?

Well, she was cheerfully talking to a half-deft old lady, who now reminds me to Coco.

After a couple of minutes, we got onto a small boat, and off we went to Isla Damas. 10 minutes later, we were all additionally feeling seasick.

Except for Gaby.

She was enjoying the ride.

Honestly, the view of the islands and the wildlife that inhabits there was magnificent. Nevertheless, we were all really dizzy so, when the tour guide stopped the boat for a while to talk about the magnificent natural caves formed due to water erosion, no one was really listening.

When he asked if we had any questions, we all remained awkwardly quiet.

Except from my daughter. She raised her chubby and tiny hand and being very serious, she asked:

-Do pirates and mermaids live inside those caves?

I swear we all died of love there.

But she had a point, the guide said. Back in the 16th century, pirates would hide their treasures inside those islands and some of them are still supposed to be hidden somewhere around, or so goes the legend.

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