This is me

Welcome to my website! My name is Carla Olivos. I started this blog when I was 29. Today I’m 32. I am an English teacher and I also travel.

One of my oldest memories is in front of a lake, with my mum and relatives. They were all chatting when suddenly, it started to rain. My mother took the 5 or less year-old me and we got into the car. 24 years later I still don’t know where we were, and when I ask mum about it, she doesn’t remember either. But, this is something I know very well. She took us everywhere- and she still does sometimes.

When I think of that memory, I also think of my daughter, who’s had more adventures than most of the kids at her age, and she’s only 6. Someday she’ll also ask me about a memory she can’t place in her own timeline, and I’ll tell her ‘OH, that was the time we climbed Rano Raraku together, on Easter Island. You were only 3 and a half’.

For those who don’t know me, I get lost frequently. Not in a fun, adventurous way. My inner compass is broken and will remain broken for the rest of my life, so I can’t figure out where the North is and it takes more than the usual to understand a map. Sometimes, I get blank and it feels like waking up in a place I’ve never been before.

Many people ask me, very frequently, how I dare to travel that much, if I get lost so easily, specially when I do solo trips with my daughter. Well, this tiny human being is my GPS, and if we both get lost, you know, preguntando se llega a Roma.

I’ve also heard too many times the words “You must be rich to travel that much” and the answer is always NO! I am a teacher. I would never be rich. At least, not teaching. So I make travel cheap. Only once I dared to spend three night in a hotel and hell I suffered paying Marriot for the experience haha.

This is only a bit of myself. On this website, I plan to show you the world as I’ve seen it. The places where I’ve been to and my (mis)adventures along the way. How I’ve gotten lost and found the most amazing spot just by pure coincidence. And of course, sharing what worked for me while abroad and in my hometown are my biggest motivations to start this endeavour.

I have also dedicated a special section for my hometown, Santiago (in Chile), so you can enjoy it the way I do without getting lost the way I do. I trully hope you like it, or at least, find it useful.