Santiago y alrededores

Santiago es la capital de Chile. Donde muy probablemente ingreses al país, o quizás donde pases algún tiempo después de conectar a otro destino.

Getting out of Santiago is really simple, and you have plenty of options to spend one or two days discovering the mountains, our world-famous wineries and our central coasts, either by taking a tour with a tourist agency or simply by following the travel tips I provide here.

If you happen to spend a couple of days in Santiago, I strongly recommend you to take a walk around our historic city centre. Santiago has a lot to offer to both, the tourists and the locals who live here. In all downtown area and around you can find splendid art galleries, amazing museums, great coffee shops, vibrant neighbourhoods, grassy areas to escape from the crowds, and astonishing graffiti and street art.

On the other hand, Valparaíso, located on the coast only 1 ½ hours away from Santiago, is a must-see on your list. It is a marvellous and colourful, historic port city, full of maze-like stairs and alleys, and astonishing street art.

Cajón del Maipo, also 1 ½ hours away from Santiago downtown, located in the middle of The Andes, is the perfect place to have a barbeque and chill out while admiring the majestic of the valley. Or, on the contrary, if you are an adventure seeker, the perfect spot to practice outdoor sports such as rafting, canopying, rock climbing and others.

This is only the introduction of many things you can do in Santiago and around. From family trips to treks just an hour and a half from the city centre, or beautiful camping areas and lakes to practice water sports or just chill out and enjoy the landscape.