Work with me

How it all started.

Three years ago I was giving my boss some advice and tips for New Orleans when she told me: you should totally start a travel blog.

And so I did, back on 2018. That’s when my adventures as a travel writer started.  From then on, I have not only been teaching English to my university students, but I’ve also been teaching people how to make their dream destination a reality, without spending loads of money in the process.

What will you find here?

While it is true I specialise in budget trips, I do not recommend any hostel, travel agency, activity or product which involves cruelty against animals, other human beings or our environment.

And I will, by no means, share information about places I have not been to, agencies I have not hired or products I have not tried. Needles to say, all my post share tips about genuine experiences only.

On the contrary, you’ll find reliable information often linked with responsible travels.

Here’s what I offer.

  • Ecofriendly, cruelty free product reviews.
  • Brand ambassadorship (if the brand meets the criteria).
  • Social media promotions.
  • Conscious and/or sustainable hostels, tours and agencies’ reviews.
  • Collaborative partnerships.
  • Guess article and blog writing.

If we both share the same vision of what tourism should be about, then, send me an email at